Value Added Distribution

At Kawach we believe in supporting our installing business partners from start to end. Numerous value-added services are provided from the design stage all the way through to execution to ensure our partners feel confident when working with us!


Turnkey Integration

Apart from supporting our channel partners in 90+ cities, we also specialise in providing complete integration of our technologies to build case studies and references to accelerate growth by building examples.


A&E Consulting

We support our network of valued architects, consultants and designers by providing sophisticated high-end technology designs and blue-prints for deploying complex yet highly empowering systems. Let us help you build technology like never before!


Research shows that our public security infrastructure is LACKING when it comes to providing Basic Public Security!

Kawach Provides Professional Security Systems for your Home, Office and other Facilities!

General public perception determined through countless surveys conducted by various organizations all speak the same thing: That public safety has gotten worse over the years! Some key stats reported are from the National Crime Records Bureau

Kawach aims to play its part and help narrow down this lack of public security infrastructure through the use of technology. Technology that not only monitors and watches over you, but also helps prevent crime from happening in the first place.

Working your way into a premises from a criminals perspective, Kawach helps protect your Home and Office first through a layer of electric fence which then integrates fully with our intruder Alarm solutions that not only senses a crime but also automatically alerts you through sirens, text messages and app notifications on android and iOS. Now that we have detected and informed about intruder alerts, we also help capture the evidence through smart video surveillance.



As of 2012 India is only at 62.2% of the ideal minimum police to population ratio as recommended by the UN. Comparatively, the US is at 107% of the ideal minimum.



Between 2002 and 2012 this police to population ratio has only increased by 10.4%. It is estimated that at this rate, it would take 50 years to reach the required minimum satisfactory levels.



The Rate at which Crime has increased in the last Decade.

Technology Expertise

Since 1983, Kawach has been distributing security technology to partners in India and enabling them to deploy the best of security for their applications. We specialise in the following core technologies:

Home Alarm Icon

Intruder Alarms

Our core speciality is in Intruder Alarms and we have been delivering solutions for homes, offices, factories, hotels and various other infrastructure since 1983. Intruder Alarms are still the most important piece of technology to help safeguard against thefts and intrusions.
Home Automation Icon

Building Automation

As an add-on to our intrusion detection systems, we also provide various ways to automate your facilities from intelligent lighting controls to heating / cooling and other controls to provide you the power of having full control over your homes and workplace.
Guard Monitoring Icon

Guard Tracking

Security is part technology and part human efforts. To ensure that your guards are doing their jobs and effectively securing your facilities, we deploy technology to track your guards and provide reporting for management to start taking control over operations.
Electric Fence Icon

Electric Fencing

Perimeter protection is usually the first layer of physical security that needs to be deployed to ensure that your periphery walls are secured. We provide intelligent electric fencing solutions that integrate with our intruder alarms to enable holistic security solutions.

Kawach In Action

Our determination and your support has gotten us this far! Can we go any further?

Happy customers and users who appreciate our technology is what drives us all towards excellence. The aim is to ensure that highly reliable and sophisticated solutions are designed, deployed and maintained to enhance user experience and safety.

The Kawach Difference


Partner First

Our mission is to support our channel partners and enable them to sell more. We work with select partners and enable them for excellence through premium trainings, pre-sales designing, execution and post-sales support.



We work on standardised processes and systems developed over the years to provide support in numbers and strength in unity. As such our pricing, delivery and support is completely transparent and open to suggestions and improvements.



At Kawach, we don’t deploy off-the-box products and solutions. Each solution for every client is carefully designed, reviewed and enhanced for maximising customer utility.


Value Additions

Perhaps our biggest strength, we offer numerous value added services to enhance our channel efficiency and enable our partners to become more comfortable along every step.

Our Success Stories


  • We have been using security and surveillance from Kawach for over 10 years. I was once able to detect a gas leak in my kitchen from all the way from the US when I was on vacation and a major accident was avoided. On another occasion we was able to recover goods stolen from our factory thanks to the hidden CCTV installation by Kawach and the excellent support given by them during the policy investigation.

    Rajat Dogra
    Managing Director, Epicurean Hospitality Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • A few years ago, we had a burglary in our manufacturing unit, where shockingly, our security guard was involved! Peace of mind only returned after we installed an Electronic Protection System comprising of an Electric Fence for protecting our factory perimeter and a JA-100 Intrusion Detection and Alarm System for protecting our factory interiors from Kawach

    Nidhi Jain
    Founder Director at Pinnacle Rewards and Recognition Pvt Ltd.
  • If it hadn’t been for an Intrusion and Fire Alarm System installed by Kawach, our house could have gone up in smoke! The alarm system saved my family that night.

    Meher Sarid
    Group President and Brand Custodian at Oxigen Services India Pvt. Ltd.

Our Partners