Homeland Heights Mohali

The most esteemed luxury apartment complex in Mohali is a work in progress but promises to deliver unseen luxury in the heart of Mohali. It is being equipped with a internationally certified Morley fire alarm system built as per client and consultant requirements.

Casino Strike Goa

India’s largest on land Casino in Goa is equipped with advanced analytics, efficient video management and surveillance footprint of over 300+ 4MP Cameras. This not only provides adequate surveillance for business and security needs but also includes audio recording and uninterrupted detailing via numerous PTZ cameras.

Taj Santacruz Mumbai

A unique need of protecting the airport and runway from the Hotel that was built right along the runway, The Taj Santacruz is fitted with a state-of-the-art Jablotron 100 system for advanced threat and 24/7/265 tampering detection.

Park Plaza Chandigarh

150+ Full-HD CCTV Systems were installed and fitted in 2015. The system was upgraded to bring convenience to corporate management of viewing and managing the infrastructure from anywhere and to help improve vital operations while reducing pilferage and other unnoticed losses.